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Understanding the difference between floor slab heave and footing settlement

I have been in business over 28 years and during that time I became involved in concrete leveling and underpinning. I have felt a ton of pressure to sell underpinning to every customer. Pressure came from a variety of sources: our industry suppliers, who are looking for us to sell their product, our salesmen in the field, who earn a living that is dependent on sales, and the workers in the field who depend on our sales to earn a living, not to mention our own bottom line and a desire to sell enough to break even every month. It is frustrating to walk away from jobs that have serious damage and not sell any products or services to a customer who is pleading for relief. I have done just that for many years. It takes a tremendous amount of expertise, honesty and integrity to be forthright and not take advantage of the customer. I have prided myself and my company with these qualities since starting my business. All across America, foundation contractors face the same battle. Many do not have the skills nor the will to distinguish between settlement and heave, and as a result many homeowners have been paying for repairs with little or no benefit and may actually be counterproductive. I’m writing this book to help everyone understand the concepts and techniques to understand the difference between floor slab heave and footing settlement. Now after this it will be up to the homeowners and contractors to use this information in an honest and productive way.

Don't gamble with your largest investment

Your home is your castle. It is no secret that most people’s largest investment is their home. Even if it’s not….. why would you unknowingly play smoke and mirror games with contractors in your principal place of residence? Besides being your largest investment it’s the place where you live! Isn’t that the most important thing? Your family lives here, extended family and friends visit here and you spend a majority of your time here. The last thing you need is a home that doesn’t function properly. So how much do you trust someone that you don’t know to diagnose foundation problems with your house? Especially when they might have a vested interest in steering you in one direction or another to fit what they have to offer you….Could this happen?